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Children do not have any worries about the world. They seem to enjoy their life simply by sleeping, eating, playing and repeating this cycle again. Pre-schooling is the best time to teach your kids about the basic knowledge of alphabets. Learning games for kids will help them in enhancing their reading and writing skills in the early stages of their life.

Learning Through Smart Phones: 144

Nowadays, kids do not like to learn through the old ways of black and white era. Keeping this thing in mind, parents and teachers look for different, creative and new ways to teach their kids. Toddlers are quick learners. They cannot focus on learning one thing for long periods of time. They need fun in their learning’s.

With the latest advancement in technologies, providing fun activities with the help of your smart phone is the easiest way to entertain and educate your kids. Gone are the days when parents had to bring blocks for their kids and make them learn the alphabets.

Preschool Learning Games for Kids:

There are many online ABC learning games for kids, and you can also download many of them from an app store. You can teach your kids how to open the game and play. You can sit with them and clap every time they say a word or they solve a puzzle correctly; this will make their learning process enjoyable, and it will build their confidence. To attract children, the colorful ABC games are built with background sounds and animal animation.

Parents can find free learning games for kids and download them for their little ones. These educational games can greatly enhance the IQ level of the kids with different puzzles and basic learning tests.

There are many apps available, some of the 3 top favorite among kids are mentioned below:

ABC learning games for kids:

Kids can enjoy solving different puzzles; match the dot games, singing alphabets, learning alphabets with animal images and different colorful attractive games. This is all in one free ACB learning game for kids.

Users Reviews:

My boys are very smart because of this game and get good grades.
Love it Excellent App
Truly a learning game I have three daughters that didn’t know the alphabet. My girls are 5, 4, 2 years old and they are actually learning stuff on this amazing app. I’ve downloaded a lot of apps claim they are free and they will only show 8 numbers or 8 letters of the alphabet and not everything. I would have to purchase the full app to get everything and even that they weren’t really good apps. My kids love this app and know the whole alphabet the youngest just watches but she to knows half of the alphabet..amazing app!
abc learning games for kids

ABC Learning Games for Kids


Math Learning Games for Kids:

It is fun for kids to learn different things at the same time. This game enables them to learn about different and simple math problems and numbers. These games may include simple numbering, addition and subtraction with the help of attractive images.

Kids Madagascar Puzzle:

This game enables the parents to help improve the visual skills of their kids. They can learn by doing brainstorming with different puzzles. The finished result of their puzzle will be their favorite animal producing a different sound or singing ABC to entertain kids.


It can be a difficult task to teach ABC to kindergarten kids, but this can be made very easy with the help of smartphones. Any lesson can be taught to the kids with the help of different games. By generating a little bit of interest, you can make kids learn anything. Parents are advised to make learning fun for their kids and let them experience different games to learn efficiently.





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