Rabbids Crazy Rush: The Ultimate Adventure of Rayman’s Crazy Bunnies

Rabbids Crazy Rush

Years ago Ubisoft created a spin off of the mythical saga Rayman that had like protagonists to the rabidds; Some crazy rabbits that to everyone’s surprise became more popular in some countries than even Rayman himself. Throughout the time they have appeared starring numerous games for all the platforms including the movable ones, now, they return in a new movable title that although it does not offer anything especially innovates it completes like runner-game. We tell you more about Rabbids Crazy Rush below.

Run, jump and race again

Rabbids Crazy Rush is a 3D runner, we could compare it with games like Minion Rush, Danger Dash, Subway Surfers, etc. Unlike these, the game is not infinite but it is divided into different screens in which we must collect enough items to be able to access the next level. This slight difference greatly changes the playing style and allows us to compare our friends’ scores on the markers in a more balanced way. It’s not crazy but it feels different.

The control scheme is exact to that found in other games of the style we glide up to jump and to the sides to change of lane dodging the different obstacles and collecting everything that we find in our way for the maximum score. The success of these games lies undoubtedly in its simplicity.

The graphical section is quite a result, does not stand out in much but does a good job with respect to the performance in all type of devices, besides we counted on the adorable original design of the rabbids. By means of the coin of the game or happening through box with micropayments we can unlock clothes for the bunnies, some, based on games of the company Ubisoft like Assasins Creed or Splinter Cell.

In short, a fun, fun and crazy game available for free, check it out.

Turbo League, a Rocket League at your finger

Turbo League

When you see a soccer field with goals, the last thing you can think of is cars, tricks, gasoline smell and thousands of souls in full ecstasy at such a show. It’s what brought Rocket League to Steam, an absurd but brilliant, and well-crafted idea.

After a quite wide success of the game in compatibles, they were already taking a copy for smartphone with which to take that absurd idea in the street. To fill that void comes Liga Turbo, a free game on Android and iOS virtually identical to Rocket League which, however, is not exempt from some problems for which he might not succeed as his older brother.

3vs3 at full throttle

The premise is very simple and is part of its success. Turbo League is a three-on-three match in real time. Each player drives a car and must bring the ball to the goal of the opposing team.

Of course in the middle of that simplicity happens everything. Shocks, jumps, because the edges of the field are ramps to jump, and crazy pirouettes through the air. The formula is the same as the Rocket League.

However, control of cars is much easier on PCs. The Zero Four team has tried to make the controls as simple as possible. To the left we manage the direction and to the right we choose if forwards or backwards. We also have the option of pressing the turbo and the jump.

Chaotic, in the bad sense

It is their main problem. Although it may seem that we are a simple game because of the few controls it has, it can be quite difficult to manage. All the action goes very quickly, creating an environment too chaotic to control the situation.

Almost all users complain about the controls in the comments, and after trying it, we can agree with most of the ideas. They can not be simpler, but they do receive a small adjustment that makes the program more playable.

Where it shines is in the personalization. There are a variety of decent cars and we can put the personal touch that we want. This ensures a good life of the game, if the developers can adjust the gameplay well.