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Dodonpachi Unlimited: The ultimate bullet-hell on your mobile


The danmaku or bullet-hell are a very different type of shoot’em up based on the positioning and constant avoidance of incessant patterns of thousands of bullets. Cave is one of the Japanese developers who gave more life to the genre and now has taken its most legendary saga to the mobile field. Below we tell you more about this game that mixes characteristics of the mobile video game with the purest and traditional arcade.

A hell of a bullet

Keeping in mind that these games need a maximum skill and precision and the touch screen of a smatphone is not the best dispositivo of control. It would be much more appropriate for example an arcade stick, but, of course; You are not going to carry a hulk with you everywhere. You can play, master and enjoy, but for much effort put the boys of Cave sometimes becomes a bit uphill play sliding the finger continuously with the touch screen to move.

Leaving the control to one side and getting full in the gameplay we have to say that we are before a danmaku with capital letters, we can expect from him everything we would expect from the original Dodonpachi, that if, being a mobile title is clear to endow it Of more depth and to be able to implement micropayments have introduced a system of improvements and progression that although at the beginning is interesting, the more we advance and more necessary is to happen by box less attractive is done.

The graphic section is above average, could be any launch of the genre for PC or console, in addition, the game does not cost you at any time move at 60 fps the many-thousand bullets that we will have to dodge while we destroy everything in our path.

If you want a challenge that tests your skill do not hesitate a second to download it. If you are not very agile with these types of games think twice because it can be frustrating for beginners.


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