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SimCity will come to Mac with support for playing in cross-platform


SimCity from Maxis and EA will be available at Origin for download on June 11. Cannot already be happy why EA unifies the game servers and users of Mac and PC will play on the same server, so we will share regions and other resources without any problems. Despite this we still a little reluctant for problems that were related to the gameplay out, because constant internet connection is required to play.

EA and Maxis have announced that the latest version of its popular Simulator will be available for OS X on June 11. As they have at the entrance to his blog SimCity returns to the platform that saw it born. Then, in 1985, was launched SimCity Micropolis for Macintosh and Amiga, and subsequent deliveries were also for Mac, but it did not last long.

Our partners in Xombit Games have dedicated quite some time. A. before that no one could play in the private game beta but that doesn’t mean the bad reviews he received later, after release on PC, due to problems with connecting to the servers of Electronics Arts – the game requires constant internet access to play. It seems that today already most of the problems have been fixed.

If all goes well the OS X users we will be in luck since Maxis and EA will unify the world of PC with OS X players. This means that if our neighbor has a Windows PC there will be no problem to play in their region. As a positive note for those who have already purchased it for PC, you must know both the digital and the physical copy may download your digital copy for Mac on June 11 in Origin.

“SimCity will come to Mac the 11 of June and a single purchase you will give both versions for Mac and PC.” You only need to buy once SimCity to play on the same servers, regardless of the version you are playing,”said Lucy Bradshaw, Vice President senior and general manager of EA Maxis seal. “We didn’t want to make any compromise when it came to the Mac so we have created a native version that is optimized for the hardware and OS X”.

It is assumed that the game has been rewritten from top to bottom for OpenGL to run swimmingly on OS X, so there is a delay with the PC version. He is that you already at Origin to make the booking and you can also buy the standard version and the Deluxe. For the time being has not said anything about simcity buildit hack tool with Retina display, but yes, it has been said that anyone with OS X Lion 10.7.5 and a Core 2 can play SimCity for Mac


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